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What is Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

If you are unsatisfied with the health, appearance, and function of your mouth, a full-mouth reconstruction may be what you need. A full-mouth reconstruction can enhance the health, function, and appearance of your gums, teeth, and jaw for easier chewing, speaking, and a more attractive smile. At Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, we can include (but not limited to) inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, and dentures into your full-mouth restoration. Certain reconstruction procedures may also require a bone or gum graft. Our team of experienced dentists performs numerous full-mouth restorations at our office that can help improve both your oral health and the overall look of your smile. Before creating your unique full-mouth reconstruction program, we will listen to your questions, desires, and needs so we can ensure we are giving you the results you want.

Can I Get a Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

You might benefit from a full reconstruction of your mouth if you've lost some teeth, have teeth with big fillings that need to be replaced, teeth with significant decay, or cracked, chipped, broken, or worn-down teeth. If you suffer from bruxism (grinding or clenching your teeth at night), have dental conditions or a genetic disorder, such as ectodermal dysplasia (teeth absent since birth), amelogenesis imperfecta (very small teeth), or dentinogenesis imperfecta (stained or translucent teeth), you may also benefit from a full-mouth restoration. You may also just want to replace older crowns, or just want to improve your mouth for better comfort or health. In more complex cases, degraded teeth and gums may have caused a visible facial deformity, like sunken cheeks. Full-mouth reconstruction can revive the whole face once the correct amount of teeth are in place.

The Process of Getting Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Following an extensive exam of your gums, teeth, and jaw, we might suggest full-mouth reconstruction. We will create a personalized treatment plan, depending on the condition of your own teeth, gum tissue, temporomandibular (TMJ) joints, facial muscles, and bite. We will go over your treatment and sedation choices, as well as our own recommendations to ensure your treatment plan fits your wants and goals. Once your treatment program is created, we will discuss exactly what to expect during and from your full-mouth reconstruction and schedule your appointments. Generally speaking, a full-mouth reconstruction will require several visits to Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, with time in between to let your mouth heal until the next step is started.

Following Your Full-Mouth Reconstruction

After every treatment in your full-mouth restoration treatment program, someone from our team will explain what to expect and how to care for your mouth. We may write a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication that you should fill prior to your procedure and take as directed. You will experience some swelling and/or discomfort after certain procedures, such as implant placement, that may make it tough to eat so a liquid or soft food diet may be most suitable for you. After your full-mouth reconstruction is complete, it is important to maintain your restored oral health with good brushing and flossing in your home. Yearly dental examinations and twice-yearly cleanings at Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, will also be very important in maintaining your revamped mouth. During your exams, we will monitor the health of your restorations, natural gums, teeth, and jawbone to ensure your results last as long as possible.

Insurance Coverage for Full-Mouth Reconstruction

During your consultation, we will produce your customized treatment strategy based on your goals, needs, and budget. We can give you different choices to make sure your full-mouth reconstruction is easy to afford. If you have dental insurance, we will contact your supplier to verify your coverage and determine your out-of-pocket costs. Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, takes several payment methods, such as medical financing.

A Restored Smile

If you are looking to address broken or missing teeth, old fillings, widespread decay, gum disease or recession, or more, then schedule a consultation at Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, to learn more about full-mouth reconstruction. Our team of highly skilled and friendly dentists can create a unique treatment plan to fit your requirements and goals to help restore your mouth so you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.

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