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What Are Space Maintainers?

At Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, we offer a number of orthodontic procedures, one of them being space maintainers. This custom-made appliance holds a space open in the arch of the mouth after a baby tooth is lost or removed before the permanent tooth is ready to come in. Teeth work together to hold their position and can drift into open spaces if there is no neighboring tooth. This could impact your child's bite and oral function so it's important to make an appointment at our office as soon as a tooth-spacing issue appears.

Who Should Get Space Maintainers?

Dental spacers are used for children who have a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth to aid in proper jaw development and the eruption of permanent teeth. Children who have lost all of their baby teeth but are still waiting for the permanent teeth to fully come through may benefit from dental spacers for missing teeth. Baby teeth may be lost prematurely in the natural exfoliation process or extracted due to a severe cavity, damage, or abscess. In these cases, a space maintainer may be required to aid the permanent tooth eruption process and prevent existing teeth from shifting. Space maintainers are vital to keep teeth from migrating into open spaces as this movement can lead to functional and bite alignment issues and can cause spacing issues for permanent teeth.

Space Maintainers Treatment Process

Dental spacers for kids can be created out of wire or plastic and can be either fixed or removable, depending on their particular needs. During your child's initial consultation, we will discuss their needs and help you decide which appliance is best for them. Impressions will be taken of their upper and lower teeth, which will be used to create their custom space maintainer. Once the spacer comes in, we'll have you schedule an appointment to come back in and have the spacer put in place. Fixed spacers are the most common and are bonded to the teeth while a removable appliance fits snuggly in your child's mouth.

Caring for Spacers

After we put in the dental spacers, we will give your child special instructions on how to care for and maintain their spacer at home. It may be helpful if you assist your child with brushing and flossing to ensure their mouth stays healthy during this period of development. The length a child will need their spacer will vary, depending on their individual needs; however, we might be able to give you a general timeframe — just keep in mind this timeframe may be subject to change. During cleanings, exams, and check-up visits, Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, will evaluate your child's spacer to ensure it is still working properly until it is ready to be taken out.

Insurance Coverage for Space Maintainers

Whether or not your insurance company covers space maintainers will depend on your individual plan. However, someone from our team will review your benefits and talk to your insurance company in order to give you an estimated cost. Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, aims to make getting top-notch dental care as easy as we can for our patients so we offer various payment options and will be happy to go over those with you.

Maintain Your Child's Smile

As children grow and develop their permanent teeth, space maintainers are a common solution to help preserve the health and wellness of their smile when they've lost a tooth prematurely or have had to have a tooth extracted. Space maintainers at Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, can hold their teeth in their proper place and ensure their permanent teeth will be able to develop properly. For more information, contact our office and schedule a consultation today.

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