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What Are Dental Emergencies?

When you have a dental emergency, tracking down quick, professional care shouldn't have to be worrisome and a hassle. Whether they're caused by athletic mishaps, physical altercations, tripping on the stairs, or even just eating hard foods, Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, is here to help. Our team provides timely emergency dentistry in a friendly setting. We routinely treat many different emergency dental issues for men, women, and children, such as loose fillings, toothaches, and knocked-out (avulsed) or fractured teeth. Dental damage won't always cause pain right away so it's not always necessary to have your mouth assessed for any obscured injury. If you have questions, though, we're happy to suggest whether an emergency appointment is needed. At Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, we always strive to provide urgent treatment as promptly as we can.

Do I Need Emergency Dental Care?

Anyone can have a dental emergency. Various kinds of emergencies include chronic oral pain, knocked-out and cracked teeth, tooth abscesses, broken restorations (filling, crown, bridge, or denture), oral bleeding or swelling, and any other dental injury. Getting the emergency dental services you need as quickly as possible is the most reliable way to relieve dental discomfort and preserve your dental health. In some cases, it could be the deciding factor between keeping a tooth or not. Due to the fact that even small cracks and irritation can lead to larger issues if not treated right away, it is best to visit our office right away for any dental emergency.

What To Expect During Your Emergency Visit

Treatment for urgent dental concerns varies for each individual, depending on what is needed. When you come for your appointment, we will review your specific issue before rendering a diagnosis. Oral x-rays may be done to check for internal injury to the bone, tooth roots, or jaw. When we fully determine the details of your situation, we can go over your needs for treatment. At Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, our main goal in an emergency evaluation is to reduce tooth discomfort and detect any damage. We want to bring back the function, look, and total health of your oral structures as promptly as we can. In some cases, follow-up procedures may be required.

Recovering from Urgent Dental Care

During your emergency appointment, someone on our highly skilled team will give you guidelines on the most helpful ways to tend to your oral health based on your dental emergency. If necessary, we may issue a prescription for a pain reliever or something else to avoid infection. When your dental emergency has been resolved, we can offer tips on how to protect your mouth from potential damage, which might include getting a custom athletic mouth guard. Maintaining proper dental health practices is so important while you heal. We will keep track of your progress when you return for your routine dental appointments.

Insurance Coverage for Emergency Care

Your dental emergency care could be paid for by your dental insurance plan. Our experienced administration staff can help you maximize your coverage and will let you know about any potential out-of-pocket expenses. To help make emergency dental care more accessible, Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, is pleased to accept many types of flexible payment plans.

Efficient Emergency Dental Solutions

In situations when you or your child need emergency dental treatment, Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, is here to help. Our friendly and compassionate team acts fast to relieve tooth pain, manage oral trauma, and alleviate the anxiety from emergency events. For same-day, efficient emergency dentistry solutions, get in touch with our office, and we will help you as quickly as we can.

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