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What are Dental Sealants?

Indentations on the top of the back teeth typically accumulate more bacteria and plaque than other spots in the mouth, meaning, they are more susceptible to having cavities. Dental sealants, a routine part of preventive dentistry, can safeguard the teeth from damage caused by decay. These fine protective coverings are created from a clear or milky-colored liquid that is painted onto the occlusive surfaces of the back teeth. Once set, dental sealants help protect your teeth by providing a more even exterior that is easier for you to clean. Dental sealants at Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, don't just protect from tooth decay, but they can also reduce the need for fillings or other corrective treatments in the future. Talk to a member of our team during your twice-yearly dental appointments at our office to learn how your family can benefit from sealants.

Who Can Get Sealants?

Patients between the ages of 6 – 12 are usually at risk the most for decay on the chewing surfaces of their permanent molars. In turn, that means they are good candidates for dental sealants. Although, older patients may also consider getting dental sealants, for example, those who struggle with being diligent about the best oral hygiene practices or who are prone to tooth decay. At Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, the application of dental sealants is a quick and simple process that normally does not call for sedation. Set up your visit so we can talk with you or your child to learn if dental sealants would be a good option.

The Dental Sealant Process

First, one of our skilled dentists will assess your, or your child's, teeth to find out if dental sealants are the right solution. To prepare the teeth for sealants, someone from our staff will clean the enamel and eliminate any plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the tops of the teeth. The enamel is then dried, and a thin film of sealant material will be applied to the rifts of the teeth with a tiny brush. A curing light will be placed over the tooth, strengthening the sealant casting in about 10 – 20 seconds. Once every sealant is in position, our professionals will assess your chewing surfaces for alignment and give you instructions about how to best take care of your dental sealants.

Caring for Dental Sealants

Once the sealant process is complete, you should be able to resume your typical routine. You will need to stay away from eating sticky or hard foods over the next few days to keep the sealants from chipping as they set into your teeth. We also recommend adopting an effective dental health regimen, which includes flossing and brushing your teeth no less than twice each day. If cared for properly, your dental sealants should stay in place for a number of years. The same instructions would apply if your child was the one to receive the dental sealants. Our staff at Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA will assess the sealants during regular oral assessments and let you know when the sealants should be redone.

Insurance Coverage of Dental Sealants

Because dental sealants are largely applied as a preventive dental service, a number of insurance plans will cover them for kids or adolescents up to a certain age. Coverage typically varies between teens and those over 20 so we will assess your plan, contact your insurance company if necessary, and estimate any out-of-pocket costs. Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, wants to make having good oral health easy so we accept several payment methods to make your oral care even more accessible and affordable for your family.

Protect Teeth From Tooth Decay

Ward off cavities, and help yourself and your loved ones have lovely, clean smiles. Dental sealants are a wonderful, fast, low-maintenance service at Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, that has the potential to diminish the likelihood of future oral surgeries and maintain better dental health. Book an appointment with one of our friendly dentists at our office to see if dental sealants are ideal for you or someone in your family.

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