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At Downtown Dental Partners – Boston, MA, our team values the opportunity we have to help men, women, and children maintain their oral health. From preventive services to mouth reconstruction, orthodontics, root canal therapy, and pediatric dental services, our team is excited to help you feel confident, beautiful, and ready to show off your smile!

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At yearly dental exams, we look into the health of your teeth, gums, bite position, and more to ensure a healthy mouth and address issues early on.

Biannual dental cleanings brighten your smile, eliminating plaque and tartar buildup and checking for potential issues for a healthy, clean mouth.

Digital x-rays are performed to help us identify things, like tooth decay, bone loss, jawbone issues, and more, before they become painful problems.

3D oral imaging gives us a 360-degree view of your entire mouth in under 40 seconds so we can identify issues in your mouth, teeth, skull, and jaw.

Dental sealants help protect the crevices of teeth that are hard to reach and more prone to having cavities in order to maintain a healthy mouth.

Fluoride treatments discourage decay, can reverse the initial stages of cavities, ease sensitivity, and strengthen teeth of men, women, and children.

Extraction may be used when a tooth is damaged beyond repair, there's not enough room for it in the mouth, or it's keeping adult teeth from coming in.

Emergency dental care could be anything from loose fillings and toothaches to knocked-out or cracked teeth that need to be dealt with quickly.

Sleep apnea occurs when soft tissues in the back of the mouth collapse during sleep, making breathing difficult; however, a dental solution may help.

A smile makeover is designed to combine a number of different treatment options to treat oral damage, tooth loss, and more to give you a great smile.

Enhance your smile with porcelain veneers by hiding crooked and chipped teeth and improving their color, size, and shape for a beautiful smile.

Inlays and onlays are bonded to teeth that have been damaged or decayed so much that a filling will not suffice yet a crown is too big.

Professional teeth whitening treatments are a great way to enhance your overall appearance and give you a fresh, bright, attractive smile.

Bonding and contouring is a great way to fix small flaws in your teeth, like a chip, a gap in the teeth, discoloration from medication, and more.

Full-mouth reconstruction can enhance the function, health, and look of your mouth by restoring cracked or broken teeth, decay, gum disease, and more.

Tooth-colored fillings protect your teeth where bacteria have eroded the enamel. They are custom made to match your tooth color for a natural look.

Dental crowns are custom-made to fit over a tooth that is decayed, weak, cracked, or even discolored and can be made out of metal or porcelain.

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth to help your mouth function properly with the added bonus of an attractive, natural-looking smile.

A dental implant involves placing a replacement tooth root in the jawbone, which provides the foundation for temporary or permanent tooth options.

Full and partial removable or implant-supported dentures fill in gaps where teeth are missing, making eating and speaking much easier.

Orthodontics help children and adults get straighter, healthier smiles through advanced technologies that help correct teeth and jaw issues.

Bite analysis is performed if you have crooked, chipped, or cracked teeth, pain while chewing, jaw or headaches, and more to improve your oral health.

Space maintainers hold a child's teeth in place when a tooth is lost early so the teeth don't shift out of place or hinder adult teeth from coming in.

Palatal expanders widen the upper arch in a child's mouth to create the needed space for adult teeth to grow in, providing normal oral function.

Traditional metal braces may be necessary for jaw alignment, over- or underbites, gapped or protruding teeth, and more, giving you a beautiful smile.

Invisalign clear aligners offer a great alternative to traditional metal braces, and may help you achieve a straighter and more attractive smile.

Fixed or removable retainers maintain the outcome of your orthodontic treatment by holding your teeth in place while your mouth stabilizes.

Periodontal disease, which has three stages, can lead to damage in your mouth, affecting the gums, bone, and tooth roots if left untreated.

Gum disease treatment may be necessary if you have inflamed or sensitive gums, bleeding when brushing or flossing, missing teeth, mouth pain, or more.

Scaling and root planing is used in the second phase of gum disease to get rid of plaque, tartar, and bacteria from behind the gum tissues.

Crown lengthening reduces the gumline, exposing more of the teeth if you have a "gummy smile" or need more room for a crown, filling, and more.

Gum graft surgery is performed to repair gum recession caused by gum disease, aggressive brushing, teeth grinding, and more for better oral health.

Gum contouring can sculpt your smile by getting rid of extra soft tissue to expose more of your teeth and can even reduce your chances of gum disease.

Root canal therapy is used to treat a broken or abscessed tooth by removing contaminated pulp and restoring your tooth's health before it gets worse.

Endodontic retreatment is utilized when a tooth shows signs of infection after a root canal in order to save the tooth and maintain oral health.

An apicoectomy removes a root tip that remains infected after a root canal has been performed to save the tooth and preserve its appearance.

Mouth guards protect teeth from damage during high-impact sports, like hockey and football, and nightly teeth grinding and clenching.

Finger and thumb appliances (habit appliances) help break your child's habit of finger- and thumb-sucking for better oral health and development.

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